Benefits of Early Intervention

Benefits of Early Intervention

Speech therapy has a significant impact on child development. It improves their ability to communicate, interact with others, and improves their social and emotional development. Changes as a result of therapy are often seen quickly in their child's ability to communicate and understand the world.

Communication skills are critical for a normal, productive life. Left untreated, a communication disorder can have a life-long effect on social development, interpersonal relationships, the ability to learn, and on ultimate independence.

Young children develop the majority of their speech and language skills in the first three years of life. During this time, this learning influences how the brain develops. Early intervention is critically important because infants, toddlers, and preschoolers have developing brains that are designed to learn communication and swallowing skills. If there is a problem with that development, therapy should be started as soon as possible to take advantage of this period of normal brain development.

Early intervention for a communication or swallowing disorder will greatly improve the child's ultimate outcome. A common misconception is that all children will "outgrow" certain conditions. Our therapists are able to distinguish between what a child may "outgrow" and what is less typical in development.

Why choose us for speech pathology services?

  • We have a staff of expert speech language pathologists.
  • We use the latest procedures and evidence-based practice techniques as determined by the American Speech Language Hearing Association.
  • We hire the best qualified, and experienced clinicians from all around the country.
  • We utilize a variety of therapy techniques, as every child learns and responds to treatment differently.
  • We allow parents to observe sessions through our observation rooms. We provide at home activities and ideas to expand the child's language to the home environment.
  • We are dedicated to providing high quality services in everything we do, from the initial scheduling to the time that the child no longer needs our services.