What happens during Evaluations?

Prior to the evaluation, a family member or the individual completes a case history form regarding their concerns and important medical, developmental, and educational history. Our office manager will gather any insurance or payment information as well. We may request additional medical or educational professional information who have evaluated the individual.

During the evaluation , the medical, developmental, and educational history is carefully reviewed. This information helps the Speech-Language Pathologist identify areas to evaluate more closely. A variety of methods, including formal and informal tests, observation, parent/caregiver interview, and play-based activities will be used to evaluate speech, language, cognition, and voice. Selection of testing methods is based on individual needs.

Following the evaluation, Initial results of the evaluation and recommendations are reviewed with you (and your child if age appropriate). A written report detailing evaluation results will be generated and sent to your home and to your physician (if requested). The speech therapist will make specific recommendations based on testing results. If therapy is recommended, our office manager will offer available therapy times to fit your schedule.